The Year in Review – as of 25 March 2010

… so, I was sitting around last night after I’d finally finished tidying up the Afterword for The Girl with No Hands & Other Tales, doing what I usually do which is thinking I’m not doing enough as a writer.

Then the reasonable part of me appeared (she makes occasional cameos) and took stock. She said “Errr, have a think about what you’ve got for 2010 so far.”

So, I did:

1. 1 x short story collection: Sourdough & Other Stories from Tartarus Press

2. 1 x short story collection: The Girl with No Hands & Other Tales from Ticonderoga Publications

3. 1 x short story Brisneyland by Night in Twelfth Planet Press’ Sprawl anthology

4. 1 x short story Genevieve and the Dragon in FableCroft Press’ Worlds Next Door

5. 1 x short story The February Dragon (with LL Hannett) in Ticonderoga’s Scary Kisses anthology

6. 2 x entries in Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s Steampunk Reloaded Compendium (also with LL Hannett)

7. 1 x reprint of The Jacaranda Wife in FableCroft Press’ Australis Imaginarium

So, I think I’m allowed to have a margarita and a bowl of pretzels and sit on the back deck for a little while with my feet up.

Then I’ll go back inside and start the next 10k, which will see me finish a first draft of the novella Ragged Run.

It’s all okay.

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6 Responses to The Year in Review – as of 25 March 2010

  1. Aimée says:

    Snaps for Ange!!
    That is awesome stock for the year. If this is only March, the rest of 2010 can only be good!

  2. Angela Slatter says:

    Ta, lovely.

  3. Kathleen says:

    … I’m impressed.

  4. angelaslatter says:


  5. Ian Golledge says:

    Like I don’t feel slack enough already, go and rub my nose it. You horrible, horrible person. I hate you!

    (Well, not really. Go, you Star. 2010 is yours!) Looking forward to your books).

  6. angelaslatter says:

    Well, I work hard and arrange my life to suit my writing … don’t be too jealous, other things suffer! Trust me 🙂