Zombie-proof house, has own drawbridge

Apart from the fact it looks like an East German bunker, this is cool.

SCARED of zombies? Concerned about the apocalypse? Have we got the house for you.

A Polish architectural firm has designed the world’s first zombie-proof abode — the “Safe House”.

It’s not really inspired by the walking dead, but it’s been getting plenty of attention as the world celebrates its fifth annual Zombie Awareness Month.

Built between 2005 and 2009, the house features Rubik’s Cube-type movable parts and folds in on itself completely at the end of the day to seal against outside threats.

Ze rest is here.

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One Response to Zombie-proof house, has own drawbridge

  1. Helen V says:

    Loved the comments on the original article where pretty much everyone discussed ways to improve its capacity to withstand zombies.