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First Rule of Write Club: Talk About Write Club

My talented friend and writing buddy, Peter Ball (author of the rapidly becoming notorious novella Horn) and I have been conducting Write Club for nigh on two months now. This started out as a result of me whinging about my writer’s block and Pete regaling me with the tale of how Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles) and Kelly Link (Magic for
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New Story at The Daily Cabal: 'Bone and Breath'

They lured me here with promises of marriage. The best of men, the greatest of warriors was to be my husband.

We left my brother and sisters behind, taking the lightest chariot, the fastest horses, my mother and I. Chrysothemis and Elektra wept, covering their face with grief at our parting, but I saw their eyes, rich and dark with envy.
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Review of 'Horn'

Peter Ball’s novella Horn, from punching-above-its-weight indie Twelfth Planet Press, got reviewed by the uber-redoutable (yes, ‘redoubtable’ is my word’o’th’month) Jeff VanderMeer over at Ecstatic Days

 Twelfth Planet Press


The lovely Rosalie Parker at Tartarus Press has given my loooooong short story ‘Sister, Sister’ a home in Strange Tales III. She also took ‘Sourdough’ from me for Strange Tales II. The first Strange Tales won a World Fantasy award as I recall. Tartarus produce beautiful books – hard covers, dust jackets, nice paper and lil silk ribbons to mark
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Is the Publisher Always Right? Part Deux

Sometimes when I have a thought it dies of loneliness. Just like when I posted Q. Is the Publisher Always Right? some time ago. So, calling this ‘Part Deux’ may be over-stating things a bit seeing as how there wasn’t really much to the first post. *sigh*

What originally started me on the train of thought was contemplating the tension between a
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Tonight I Am …

… writing racing with Meg Vann’s superb AWMonline team. Tonight’s cap’n is the wonderful Trent Jamieson.


The exceedingly redoutable Meg Vann interviews John Tranter at Speakeasy

Leave an Idea, Take an Idea: Five Things Someone Else Should Totally Do (Guest Blogger China Mieville)

“It’s melancholy when you realise there are more things you’d like to do, or write, than you’ll have time to, in your entire life. The endless triage of decent thoughts is necessary, a bit miserable, and a strong argument for the desirability of immortality. You cling even to the ones you doubt you’ll start, as long as you can bear,
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The Lifted Brow – An Announcementy Thingy

So much writey goodness in Brow #5 … if for no other reason, get this one for Rob Shearman’s Be of Good Cheer (you know, Rob Shearman, talented British writer, wrote that Dr Who ep, won a World Fantasy Award for his first collection Tiny Deaths – yes, I see you nodding and light bulbs going on around your head,
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This is Worth a Link – The Truth about Publishing

This lives over at Ian Irvine’s site – it’s very wise and goes along with all the stuff I think and say about a writer needing to (a) be realistic and (b) learn as much as s/he can about the business of being a writer. If you want to be an artiste then I’d suggest a reality check. If you
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