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New Story at The Daily Cabal

‘Shoulda worn a better hat,’ says my sister.

‘Yes, thank you,’ I reply, a little testily. ‘Hindsight is twenty-twenty.’

‘Hey, don’t get cranky with me. I did not do this.’ She makes a sweeping gesture with her hand.

Stones as far as the eye can see, big and small. Stone statues, that is.

‘It could have been worse,’ I venture.

‘How precisely?’

I think about it.
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A Book of Endings by Deborah Biancotti

The ever-awesome Deb Biancotti has a short story collection coming out v soon. Published by sassy indie Twelfth Planet Press, A Book of Endings is available for pre-order here

You know you want a copy.

The Awesome Kim Wilkins on The Science of Editing and Autopsying Puppies

Kim Wilkins is not only annoyingly talented, productive and good-looking, she’s also very, very clever on matters of writing and such. So have a look  at this for some most excellent hints and advice on editing.

The science of editing

I’ve just finished my first edit of “Field of Clouds” and the whole process went really well. Now it’ll go off to my
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Kaaron Warren Meets Bibliophile Stalker

The inimitable Kaaron Warren (she of short story collections The Grinding House and Slights, and many other short stories that left home and are living elsewhere meets the equally inimitable Bibliophile Stalker, Charles Tan, right here and good interviewy stuff happens.

Eventery – Books in the Digital Age: The Future of Writing

Queensland Writers Centre & Queensland University of Technology present: Books in the Digital Age:The Future of Writing

With the rapid changes in Australia’s writing and publishing industry, where will books fit in the digital future and how will this affect how we read and write? As part of QWC’s Wordpool series of three lectures for 2009, we’re looking at the
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The Dead Path

Cool title, yes?

A copy of the above arrived last week via a very large carrier pigeon. It has a striking cover and is the debut novel by Brisneyland resident and filmmaker, Stephen M Irwin

Why do I mention this? Because I cracked the cover this morning and found myself reading, reading, reading instead of just ‘taking a peak’ as I’d planned.
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On the Limits of Magic or If Everyone’s Special, then No One’s Special

I’ve been reading a lot lately (well, even more than usual) and being forcibly reminded of things that annoy me. There are many of these things for, as a friend of mine has observed I’m a woman of many and irrational hatreds, but I don’t think this one is completely irrational.

I’m sick of magic that has no limits, no boundaries.
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New Brow

The new Lifted Brow is out – t’is #5.  The CRISABOE issue: What predictive text thinks you’re typing if you type “Brisbane”. Hometown readers, this is the poorly-thought-through affair to your One Book Many Brisbanes, your student magazines, and a national book culture which rarely gets the sunshine state at all. What do four-minute shower restrictions mean for a man
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Sourdough and Other Stories

womanAnd so, this is what I’m working on in those times when the novel seems to suck all the words from my brainpan: Sourdough and Other Stories. The original Sourdough story appeared in Tartarus Press’ Strange Tales II in 2007. Sister, Sister
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Australian Authors, please bend over

The Australian Productivity Commission has shafted Australian authors. Speakeasy has a rant:

Ozlit forced onto dole queue …

July 15th, 2009 | Books and Publishing, Business In The Industry, Industry News

By now, you would have heard the anguished cries of authors around Australia railing against the Productivity Commission’s recommendations to lift all Parallel Importation Restrictions (PIR). The Commission’s report can be summed
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