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Having One of Those Days

Sitting here with my 8 year old nephew, after an afternoon of reading Coraline with him and I’m now getting this from him Stewie, my hero and nemesis all at the one time.

Highly Irrelevant Post

katertotThe Arts Queensland Poet-in-Residence Hinemoana Baker just returned from her trip on the Q150 Writers Train – details blogged here She was onboard with Queen of Darkness Kim Wilkins, Nick Earls, and my leader Kate Eltham. Why am I blogging this? Because I just saw this
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Justine Larbalestier on Very Wrong Questions

Justine has a big brain and I really enjoyed this post … made me nod a lot … particularly after this morning’s first query was someone yelling at me about how he knew *everything* about writing and publishing, then went on to demonstrate that he didn’t know anything about it at all.

“Royalties? What are royalties? Won’t the publisher steal my
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New Story at The Daily Cabal

Brisneyland by Night – Part Six

I broke a panel of glass in the front door and let myself in. Ziggi, on lookout duty in the cab, studiously ignored my break and enter.

I crept along the long hallway to the kitchen. A door in the pantry floor was open. I guess when you’ve got a glamour around your house and you
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Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 – A Flying Visit

Quick and dirty visit to Melberlin (actually, not dirty at all, not even slightly soiled; very, very clean and pristine visit).

Arrived Thursday night, checked into hotel at 9.30pm, ordered room service, sat in front of tv for a few hours channel surfing as my brain wound down like the clockwork monkey it is … kept thinking how I should take
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My First Review for Strange Horizons

My review of Alex Bell’s second novel, Jasmyn lives here

Oh, squeeeeeee!!! "Needles and Bones"

I haz a story in the lovely Drollerie Press’ Needles and Bones!

Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope

“My daughter,” breathed Miller, “my daughter can spin gold out of straw.”

This sudden boast struck his fellow-drinkers as interesting, if stupid. Miller had a tendency to open his mouth unwisely when ale had passed his lips. The bragging was, however, astonishingly egregious. Their king,
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spoken in one strange word – QPF


The annual (and awesome)
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The Dead Path – Again

So, I’ve been released from some of my more onerous editing duties (briefly) and I’ve been able to pick up Stephen M Irwin’s The Dead Path again.

I’m halfway through after a day of varied ‘stuff’ (including Write-Club), but I’ve been reading steadily.

And it’s freaking awesome!! Not only is the gentleman in question the nicest man in Australian horror, he’s also a
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New Story

… at The Daily Cabal … Wish

I sit on my favourite rock at the edge of the lake and watch the girl with the clever fingers. She has come to ask a boon and knows there’s a price. I am uninterested, for they all fail.

A leather satchel is clasped in her arms. When she reaches the edge of the lake,
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