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In which there is Shadowy Snoopy Dancing

The short list for the 2010 Australian Shadows Award has been released and it’s awesome to see names of some very talented friends there, including Peter M. Ball, Kirstyn McDermott, Liz Gryzb and Felicity Dowker.

I was lucky enough to get two mentions, one in Long Fiction for The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories (Ticonderoga Publications) and one in
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Oh, please go here and listen!

Lisa L. Hannett’s Bluegrass Symphony is out this year.

As a treat (read: teaser) she’s uploaded a reading of part of one her stories! Minotaurs and wolves, oh my!

‘The Short Go: A Future in Eight Seconds’ appears in the
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An editing tip

I’ve been doing some editing for someone else and I’m reminded yet again of one of the rookie mistakes writers make.

When you’re reading through to find all the repetitions in your text – coz I know y’all do that like good writers – make sure you go to your
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“We fell” – On the Import of Words

I’m re-reading John Connolly’s The Black Angel because (a) he is one of my favourite authors and (b) the book is a wonderful documentation of slowly occurring, incrementally increasing loss. I admire the craft in the book, as well as enjoying the effect of the plotting
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The Tender Drive-by: Margo Lanagan

What can I possibly say about Margo Lanagan that you don’t already know? At Clarion South, she referred to me as a ‘witch’, and it was a compliment. She has been My Queen ever since. Margo
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For those of us struggling with our PhDs

I love you, McSweeney’s and Luke Burns.

The “Snake Fight”
Portion Of Your
Thesis Defense.

– – – –

Q: Do I have to kill the snake?
A: University guidelines state that you have to “defeat” the snake.
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On how to give a reading

One of the things I spoke to the One Book Many Brisbanes mentees about last weekend was the importance of learning how to do a reading in public. Things like practice, realising that what looks lovely on the
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Shallow and Superficial

And thank you to Lisette, who says this cat reminds her of me -.-

Peter Tennant asked me the questions that gave me the opportunity to be “just as shallow and superficial as the rest of us” … so, in
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Farewell Gifts

Belatedly, here are some of my farewell gifts from QWC. Some might say they know me far too well …

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