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In which North Yorkshire refuses to feed us

And so, after arriving at an expensive B&B which was not prepared for us (more of that tomorrow), we set off at 6.00 to try and find dinner. We do not smell bad, we look normal’ish and we have money.

The Italian restaurant in a nearby village, which had 8 free and empty tables, could not possibly fit us in until
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A plug for the Appletree

We had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Appletree B & B in Tavistock, Devon for two days.

Cannot say enough nice things about this place – the room was lovely, the decor of the whole place is gorgeous, the breakfasts were fantastic and our host, Andy, opened the door wearing a Star Wars t-shirt.

What more could you want????

Go there!!

Happiness is …

 … Being in Hay-on-Wye for the very first time :-).

And I woke up to …

… A BFS short listing for “The Coffin-maker’s Daughter”. Thanks to Stephen Jones for including it in A Book of Horrors!


Day 1: London

Regent’s Park in Spring,

Flowers run colour riot,

Grey cold sky wonder.

Oops, Your Psychosis is Showing: in the Lair with Kirstyn McDermott

Kirstyn McDermott is the author of the critically acclaimed Madigan Mine and the upcoming Perfections. Her works plumbs the depths of the human (and inhuman) psyche, examining heart and soul with the intensity of
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