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Foiled again!


At last!

BitterThe Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings has finally landed in my grabby paws!!

So happy and excited, I am making a noise so high-pitched that only dogs can hear it.


And lo, it is a thing!

TSBoHShe Spectral Book of Horror Stories has come back from the printers and lo, it is a real thing. And a thing of beauty too. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

It can be pre-ordered here or
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The Writing Life: full-time or part-time?

beersSo, a some weeks ago I sat in the audience at a writing salon (i.e. a few writers who’d already been to the pub beforehand then staggered to a bookstore and talked about writing) and listened to a discussion of how people
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Bad Women: Flip

Connie Willis_1996_BellwetherThis week Kathleen Jennings nominates her favourite “bad” woman:

My favourite “bad” character is Flip, a sullen, difficult, way fashion-forward… assistant seems the wrong word for her. She appears very early in Connie Willis’ charming novel
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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Simon Marshall-Jones

simon-marshall-jones1And now, a word from our publisher, the delightful Simon Marshal-Jones, on what inspired the genesis of Spectral Press, why and how the Spectral Book of Horror Stories came about, and the future of horror.

1. What inspired you to start
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In the wild!!

bitterwoodlhLisa has her copies of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings and has kindly sent photos!

I’m soooo happy to know it’s out there and people can start reading it. Steve Jones has his and various reviewers have reported household Bitterwood
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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Angela Slatter’s The October Widow


Yes, the tiara helps me write

In which I talk to myself, quite legitimately, so the Men in White Coats cannot take me away – although my Significant Other is giving me some strange sideways looks. My Spectral Book
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Letters to Lovecraft Roster of Contributors

hpAnd so here it is at last, the announcement I’ve been sitting on for a while.

Letters to ol’ po-face himself, H P Lovecraft. An anthology from Stone Skin Press, edited by the delightful Jesse Bullington, with stories from luminaries such
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