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Narrative Species podcast: The Briar Book of the Dead

I had the pleasure of speaking with the wonderful and erudite Rick Kleffel over at Narrative Species about The Briar Book of the Dead, witches, bureaucracy, quilting, and other weirdly related writing things – and not making them boring. And
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The Briar Book of the Dead – Locus Review

This is one of my favourite reviews of my work ever – it’s wonderful when someone just gets what you’re trying to do! Thanks, Ian Mond.


The Briar Book of the Dead, A.G. Slatter (Titan Books, 978-1-80336-454-4,
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The Vigil audiobook is out!

Happy happy joy joy!

Well, lookee here! Vigil is out in audiobook form!Thanks to @WFHowse and Taryn Ryan for bringing Verity to life!If you’re into supernatural crime/urban fantasy and sweary girl detectives, give Vigil a go.To be
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The Crimson Road

Last night (well, it was in fact Easter Sunday night/Easter Monday morn) I finally finished writing The Crimson Road, my sort-of-vampire-but-not-precisely-vampire novel set in the Sourdough world.

When I first started, I looked for visual inspiration (once again) from the truly
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Locus Magazine Fundraiser

The Locus annual fundraiser is live at Indiegogo and has 3 days left to run. There are loads of items to bid on, from personalised letters by your favourite characters to industry chats with well-known authors, tuckerisation chances and rare
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La Quinta Bruja – The Fifth Witch

This morning’s mail was a wonderful thing!

Copies of my Spanish translation of the novella Ripper, known in Spanish as La Quinta Bruja or The Fifth Witch (which is what the graphic novel will be called if
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