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24Hr Book: The Autopsy

Why the f&%k can't writers follow the style sheet??

And so, a week after the action I can finally process what happened. The fact that I’m bed-ridden with the Mother of All Flus, which has
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And we’re back – and a book in 24hrs

We’re back – sorry for the break in transmission.

We fell into the abyss between domain registrars (*shakes fist*), but thanks to the sheer bloodymindedness of the in-house IT Support Badger The Bones Remember Everything is once
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More if:bookery

if:book, London – projects that rock.


At last an end to those bored bookgroup blues!

You love books but are interested if sceptical about what ebooks, iPhones and laptops might do for literature? Re-ignite your passion for reading this summer – make sure you get if:book’s FICTIONAL STIMULUS, an amazing experience in digital reading which will be
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