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On the Ancient and Secret Art of Formatting – Redux

Art by Kathleen Jennings

I wrote this post back in 2010 – remember 2010? When we could travel and didn’t feel the urge to torch-and-pitchfork anyone who coughed near us? Remember airports? Remember complaining about them? Remember how bad
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Ursula Le Guin on the Death of the Book being very much exaggerated

Over at Book View Cafe, the legendary Le Guin talks books, reading on screen and writing ‘What tosh’ in margins.

People love to talk about the death of whatever — the book, or history, or Nature, or God,
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And a very Happy Birthday to …

… the lovely Kate Eltham, QWC CEO, talented writer of zombie lit (Z-Lit), ebook crusader, book nerd, tech-geek, and all-round delightful powerhouse.

Happy birthday, Kate!


Will my publisher be my publisher forever?

I’ve been doing some mentoring for a few new writers and find myself passing on information that I am surprised isn’t basic knowledge. Then I remind myself that I worked in a writers’ centre for three years, so
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When I teach …

this is the stuff I tell you not to do.

The Publishing Revolution: Part the Second

Alan Baxter continues his series inevstigating different viewpoints about the new world order of publishing. Guest #2 is Moriah Jovan.

A rose by any other name…

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the definition of a “book,” or more specifically, the proper formatting of an e-book, and the definition of a “page” and its importance in the New eWorld Order.

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This way to the knowledge …

… QWC has a raft – no, let’s call it a flotilla – of Resource Sheets for writers. Things like Writing a Synopsis, Writing a Cover Letter, Pitching to Publishers, Finding a Literary Agent … and more. Please go and look at them.

They live here http://www.qwc.asn.au/WritersResources/ResourcesFAQs.aspx

The Freelance Editor – Here’s One We Prepared Earlier

In the interests of providing information that is both useful as well as facetious, I sent delightful freelance editor, Abigail Nathan, a list of questions to answer. She didn’t wanna. So I sent a couple of enforcers around (two out-of-work actors dressed up as Star Wars Storm Troopers) … to save
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