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Pictures being worth a thousand words

This is one of my recent faves, from – this is the awesome sort of stuff that inspires stories and (admittedly) nightmares – which is fine, coz a lot of my stories come from nightmares (quelle surprise!) :-).

New Story at The Daily Cabal

A Monkey in the Hand – Part 2

How could I resist? A Galatea to my Pygmalion – but something infinitely more intriguing than an ordinary woman.

I’d read about sailors who’d caught a mermaid in the South Seas and tried to bring her back to Portsmouth. They kept her in a barrel of water on the deck, but it seemed she
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Lisa Hannett (my other Brain) and I have sold a story we wrote together post-Clarion South. The February Dragon has been bought by the lovely Liz Grzyb at Ticonderoga Publications for the Scary Kisses anthology.

The anthology will be launched at Swancon 2010 in Perth over Easter (


(Image from

Life in the Ziggurat …

… is cold.

It’s been several weeks since we moved into our new quarters over at SLQ (girt by Extreme Librarians™). One of the things I like about the cultural precinct at South Brisbane is that it looks kind of like a whole cluster of ziggurats, which makes my nerdly heart happy.

We are surrounded by GOMA, the Queensland Art Gallery, the
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The very kind and talented Aliette de Bodard has put The Chrysanthemum Bride on her list of recommendations for the Hugos. I am humbled and grateful. The rest of her erudite choices are here

On the Upside

I’ve had a request for two of my stories to be translated into German for an anthology. Whoda thunk it?

Disheartening Experience of the Day

The writer who asked “Why do I need to know about the business side of writing? How is that relevant?”

And now for something actually useful

… from the lovely Gio Clairval:

After those lists of 10 rules for writing The Guardian recently published, I thought Umberto Eco‘s rules should be on line, too, in English–I haven’t found other translations so far…

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It's been a long day

… and I am exhausted and hungry and feeling unfriendly … so I will say it with a lolcat … and when I have steak it will all be okay.