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More photos – Ipswich and Lockyer

Some photos from my sis. Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley.

Bottom of sister's street

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Ebooky Goodness: After the Rain special edition

The lovely Tehani at FableCroft is issuing a special ebook edition of the After the Rain Anthology as a fundraiser for the Qld Floods Appeal. There are the original planned stories in the ToC and this volume is
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Well, the river peaked last night, but not as high as feared. Huge chunks of Brisneyland are now distinctly soggy. We’re safe and dry here, but I haven’t been out for a walk yet to see how the streets around me are looking. Family are all well and dry and river seems to be receeding somewhat. Ipswich is now starting
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Holy crap!

From The Courier Mail this morning, the Eagle St Pier … farewell.

A Day with Sunshine

So, the rain has stopped and the sun is out, which is helping enormously. Keep a’shining, Sol, and dry up some more of that bloody water. However, the peak won’t hit Brisneyland until tomorrow morning at 4am. Ipswich has reassessed things and it looks like the river won’t be going over the ’74 Floods level, which is good. My sis
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The Lakeshore Drive-by: Jay Lake

Whenever I feel like I have too much on and there’s no time to write, I look to Jay Lake, specifically this LJ post – the relevant bit is this: All of this while recovering from lung surgery, undergoing six months of
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Some Flood Photos

David went out a’walking and documenting the flood this afternoon …

Boardwalk near SLQ

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Donate to the Qld Flood Relief Appeal

Go here for the details.

Any little bit will help.

And the animals! Don’t forget the animals – donate here.

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The Floods Drive-by

Or at this point, float-by.

I live in a nation that pretty much faces all trials and tragedies with equanimity and the phrase “No worries”. We don’t tend to panic – you can’t afford to when you live in a country that has 7 of the 10 most dangerous snakes in the world. And I lived through the 74 Brisbane floods
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Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett

Squeeee of excitement! My friend Fave’s first book is out in May this year via the good graces of Hachette Australia! And ze trailer is here.