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Have I Mentioned?

The Writer and the Critic podcasts?

Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond talk books.

In a smart fashion.

This week it’s The City and the City and The Windup Girl.



The Generation Loss Drive-by: Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand has been responsible for some of the most amazing works of literary fantasy in recent years: Generation Loss, Illyria, Mortal Love, Bibliomancy, and Black Light are but a few of her novels. Her short stories are finely
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Happy Birthday!!

Let all the birthday heralds in the land wake from their mead-induced stupors and run through the streets, crying “It’s Flinthart‘s birthday!!!”

So, even if you’re not familiar with this piratical author of space ninja
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Oh, Squeeee! At long last: The Twelve Planets

Twelfth Planet Press has announced all their authors for the Twelve Planets series you may have seen me talk about here in the past. I’m so excited about the roll call for this project as it is made of awesome with some fabtastic sauce and glittery
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Writers on Rafts!!

This is QWC’s fundraising project to assist after the floods that have just rolled across Queensland with all the subtley of a rhino on heat.

Enter Writers on Rafts to win fabulous prizes donated by more than
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Behold. the cover for Dead Red Heart, the new Ticonderoga Publications compendium of vampire fiction … not fiction written by vampires … but fiction about vampires … the ToC is below and is exciting enough to
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The Cold Drive-by: Simon Strantzas

Spoiler alert: Simon Strantzas prefers apple fritters *shakes head*. But as he is a fellow Tartarus Press author, and a damned awesome one at that, he is forgiven. Cold to the Touch has received critical acclaim
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Something not flood-related – Huzzah!

Over at Trumpetville, Peter Tennant reviews books and says nice things and includes Sourdough and Other Stories in his list of Picks for 2010. Extra stuff will appear in the February 2011 issue of Black Static. *Snoopy Dance*

Sourdough and other stories by Angela Slatter
This is my favourite collection of 2010 on the days when Lost Places isn’t. Slatter
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Aftermath, Not So Glorious Mud, and Cleaning Up

I woke up with a start this morning because I could hear the sound of rain on the roof and I felt sick. Call it rain trauma, flood fatigue, whatever you will: we’re all over the rain now and we’d like it to stop, please. The waters have pretty much receeded from Brisneyland, Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley and are
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More Floodery

I went for a walk this morning … my area is relatively untouched, but as I walked along I could smell mud. River mud, silty, mucky, gross, stinky river mud … it’s coating huge chunks of the city, it’s what folk are going to find when they go back to their submerged houses, it will ruin everything it touches. It’s
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