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Lee Battersby and QWC go together like peanut butter and jelly …

… or ramalamadingdong … or something …

Hey, look over there! An online writing course taught by Lee Battersby via the Australian Writer’s Marketplace Online Learning Centre, under the auspices of QWC. More specifically, Sci-fi short story writing over 6 weeks at a cost of $150. Can’t get fairer than that.

More details? I’m so pleased you asked – go here.

Major Squeeeeee

Just saw the galleys for The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2011, edited by Paula Guran and I couldn’t help but give a squeeeeee of excitement. Why, yes, it did scare some (okay, all) of my colleagues.

But it looks so awesome and I read over the beginnings of a few of the stories – Norman Partridge’s Lesser Demons OMG,
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She Never Slept says nice things …

… about The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales *blush*.

Over here.

Thanks, Ms Sarah. 🙂

Outpost of Sweden or How to Take Over a Country Using Ikea

Is us – less guns, more towel rails

Saturday began with the words from the Significant Other: ‘I’ve never been to Ikea, so let’s go to Ikea. I feel like doing coupley things.’

I had been to Ikea, but it was four years or so ago and my
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Wooooot! Shout-out to Sharon and Allan Cohrs

Two of my sister’s best friends, Sharon and her husband Alan, have just returned from summitting Mt Everestt – because it’s just not cold enough in Brisbane, apparently!

Sharon is a breast cancer survivor and one of the gutsiest people I know.

Here’s her latest journal entry, about the climb.

For the eMinded amongst ye

The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales will soon be available as an ebook from Ticonderoga. 

Ahem. Why, yes, it is the book that won this year’s Aurealis Award for Best Collection.

Huzzah for downloading bookish thingies to technical, hand-held and portable
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Michael Connelly is in town and he’s talking to Dr Donna tonight at QUT.

6.30pm in QUT Auditorium.

Be there or be somewhere else nowhere near as interesting.

Drive-by from Trumpetville: Peter Tennant

Peter Tennant is an award-winning reviewer and columnist for Black Static and a prolific writer of speculative fiction. His fiction has appeared in venues as diverse as Jennings Magazine, Dreams from the Stranger’s Café, Axiom, Visions, Sackcloth &
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New Journal

This is the beautiful journal Brain got me for my birthday (from Florentine in Syndey). And the uber-cute bookmark. And today the bird’ish-raven necklace arrived today (appropriate for our Midnight and Moonshine collection).

I’m not quite sure
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On Approaching Authors for ‘Stuff’ – Part Deux

I think I’m going to have to add a few things to the post On Approaching Authors for ‘Stuff’.

1. When asking an author for stuff, don’t make it as part of a very obvious bulk email to a bunch of other authors. A scattergun technique is disrespectful
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