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Hannett + Horror = Teh Awesomes

Lisa L. Hannett has joined the team over at This is Horror for 2013, so we can look forward to a brilliantly written, well thought-out monthly column that prods and pokes the monsters under the
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2012: A Slightly Belated Retrospective

I’m in the middle of working out the fine details for my 2013 plan and figured reviewing what I actually did in 2012 might be helpful.

It’s all a bit of a blur really, so a look at my handy-dandy
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A new year, a new story

This one comes as something of a relief, given what a difficult birth the previous story (the story formerly known as “White Bride, Black Bride, Raven-girl, Hare”, which became “Flight”) had.

“The Chosen Girl” springs from a dream I
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Over at Thirteen O’Clock …

… is a lovely review by Alan Baxter of our Midnight and Moonshine.

Angela Slatter and Lisa L Hannett have become well known for their collaborative short fiction work. Last year they won an Aurealis Award for
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1.30am brain hates you (and by ‘you’ I mean me)

So last night I was up until 2am working over a story that is due very soon.

It’s one that has required a LOT of restructuring and Frankensteining, flesh-sculpting and strong-arming – in fact, to a level that I
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In Fabula-divino

Behold, the cover for Nicole Murphy’s anthology, In Fabula-divino.

This anthology contains new stories from Nicole’s In Fabula-divino stable, and reprints from the likes of Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta , Trudi Canavan, Kaaron Warren and myself.

Full Table
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Happy New Year from the Lair of the Evil Drs Brain + Tanith Lee!

Happy 2013 from the Lair of the Evil Drs Brain.

Our plan for this year is for the Lair to be a periodic feature rather than a regular one because, as we discovered last year, life tends
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