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Jo Fletcher: Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome


Our lovely publisher Jo Fletcher of Jo Fletcher Books has the place of honour for the final Fearie Tales post – we launch the book on 2 November at WFC! – and she talks here about
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Am in Singapore, preparing to head off on a plane again.

Today is the 13hr trek to the UK.

Where is my matter transporter!!??

Books Written by Mad Ancestors: KJ Bishop


Art by Kathleen Jennings

The wonderful and surreal writing of KJ Bishop has brought us, among other things, the World Fantasy  finalist The Etched City and the Aurealis Award winning That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote,
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S P Miskowski’s Knock Knock and the Skillute Cycle

spSP Miskowski is one of the finer voices in modern horror fiction. Her work is tense, beautifully paced, and deeply, deeply perceptive as to the human condition and all its foibles, faults and perfections. She was kind enough to answer a
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John Ajvide Lindqvist: Come Unto Me

john_narrowweb__300x393,0Today’s Fearie Tales post is from the astonishingly talented Mr John Ajvide Lindqvist, talking about trolls, changelings, doppelganger, and the dead returning to the living

FOR THE SECOND time in less than a month, Annika was walking up the aisle
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Angela Slatter: By the Weeping Gate

FT1And today I, errr, interview myself about my Fearie Tales story, “By the Weeping Gate”.


This house here in Breakwater, this one, by the Weeping Gate where men and women come to wait and weep for those lost to
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Also, art happened


What I look like now if you’re looking for me at WFC.


What I would
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Genre Con Oz 2013 – Where Stuff Didst Happenst

So, from Friday 11 Oct through to Sunday 13 Oct, I was embedded in Genre Con Oz at SLQ … in the manner of an especially happy tick in the neck of a particularly juicy bullock.


My photo
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Fearie Tales beginnings

First paragraphs of the Fearie Tales stories from Masters Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Robert Shearman, and Markus Heitz.

ramseycampbellRamsey Campbell: Find My Name

DOREEN WAS AWAKE at once and trying to hear why. A dog barked on the far side of
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Joanne Harris: The Silken People

Snurched from The Guardian

Snurched from The Guardian

The lovely Joanne Harris talks about The Pied Piper, how horror lurks in the shadows of fairy stories, and the language of the subconscious.

ONCE THERE WAS a little girl,
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