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The Female Factory is done!

And so last night, Lisa and I finished our Twelve Planets collection for Twelfth Planet Press, and sent it off. The collection-formerly-known-as-Baggage is now called The Female Factory, after the final tale (which is a novella).

And as a teaser:

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Women in Horror

SirenEimi-1Thanks to Lynda E. Rucker, I just saw this comment from the very kind M. R. Cosby about “The Navigator”, one of my Sourdough and Other Stories tales:

The Navigator, by Angela Slatter In her short story
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And so, WFC

IMG_1774I figure I’d better write this now while I still have some memory of the events of the trip! First and foremost, I was a plague rat for most of my time in the UK, and the consensus from
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The Alternative Typewriter examines The Hummingbird Heart

“The Clockwork Hummingbird” by Angela Rizza

“The Clockwork Hummingbird” by Angela Rizza

This week Harry considers “The Hummingbird Heart” from The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales.

This Friday I break away from the ensemble reviews to the known
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A surprise resulting in Snoopy Dancing

1920317_10151964477622304_1381965888_nHere in the Tower of Doom a nice surprise just arrived: the ARCs for Black-Winged Angels.

And not just your standard old ARC, but 1618500_10151964478382304_2067405899_nRead more…

The Tallow-Wife: A new tale

Thanks, Degas

Thanks, Degas

I’m working on a new Tallow-Wife story, this one is called “The Nightingale and the Rose: A Call and Response“.

The girl’s voice is divine; it rises higher and higher as if trying to reach the
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Interview with the Princess: Alethea Kontis

aletheaNew York Times Bestselling author Alethea Kontis was kind enough to answer some questions for me amidst the hurly-burly of her mad schedule. She is the author of the acclaimed Woodcutter Series (Enchanted, Hero, Dearest), the short story collection Wild and
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Black-Winged Angels

BWA-ARC-coverI’m so pleased to announce that Black-Winged Angels will be released as a limited hard cover edition by Ticonderoga Publications in August this year!

This was the collection I wrote for my MA, and it’s only ever been available as
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Website redevelopment

badger-techHi there.

We’re (i.e. moi and the IT Support Badger) are currently redeveloping this site.

So, for a few days things are going to look a little strange. Please bear with us. We’re hoping the experience will be worth it!



The Aternative Typewriter, with extra stuff!

3475179c1240bda17c29e3361709475bThis week Harry has dissected not one, not two, but three Girl with No Hands stories! His patience is impressive!  He looks at “Frozen”, “Words”, and “The Dead Ones Don’t Hurt You”.

I’m deviating from the one-story-per-review format as I
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