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More Bearskin

6a00e54fcf7385883401901c7292b8970b-800wiFor the longest time he stares out the tiny window into the night where nothing can be discerned until the full moon rises over the reaching fingers of skeletal treetops. Everything is bathed in silver-blue. Torben looks down at the
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Photo by Jules Cox

Photo by Jules Cox

Working on one of the last Tallow-Wife stories, this one is “Bearskin”:

He listens closely in case Uther is sneaking up behind to scare him so he pees his pants again. Torben would have
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The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 25

mbo-bnh25-roAnd The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 25 is ready for pre-order from Constable & Robinson. ‘Tis the 25th anniversary edition and I’m very happy to say Mr Jones has selected one of my stories for it.

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Review of Home and Hearth

1912502_10152349104439813_635754832_nThe first review of “Home and Hearth”, my Spectral Press chapbook is in, from Mr Mark West over on goodreads.

Mark said: This is Spectral Press chapbook 11 and Angela Slatter brings the quality flooding back (I wasn’t overly
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Galleys for The Bitterwood Bible

10155043_10152048827357304_3588677299789957512_nMy weekend has been vastly improved by the receipt of the proofs for The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings from Tartarus Press!

With illustrations by Kathleen Jennings, this book is looking very lovely indeed.

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Angie and Suze

Suze and Angie at Clarion South!

Suze and Angie at Clarion South!

Two of my very dear friends, who also happen to be extraordinarily talented emerging writers, Angie Rega and Suzanne Willis, are making names for themselves!

Visit Suzanne’s new website
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Zombie Apocalypse: Endgame! Cover Release

ZAEI’m pleased to see the cover for the final Zombie Apocalypse anthology has been released into the wild. The book is available for pre-order.



Human Reanimation Virus (HRV) has
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Project Help Harry

HarryMarkovThe most delightful Harry Markov has been accepted to Clarion. He’s the first Bulgarian to join the Borg Collective, and he needs some help to get him to the US.

Harry is a very talented emerging writer and Clarion will help him develop
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Artwork by Pete Von Sholly's "Troop Inspection" f

Artwork by Pete Von Sholly’s “Troop Inspection” f

Huzzah! At last it’s happening! FAR VOYAGER POSTSCRIPTS #32/33 from PS Publishing is on its way. The ToC is awesome, and I’m really pleased
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New work: The October Widow

Edwin Austin Abbey's "Young Woman in the Woods"

Edwin Austin Abbey’s “Young Woman in the Woods”

So, my first new words after the break are on a short horror story called “The October Widow”.

The October Widow knew herself hunted,
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