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David Stevens: Crop Rotation

David Stevens1David Stevens  lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and children. He has worked in criminal law for 25 years, including a year spent in The Hague recently working with an international tribunal. His fiction has appeared
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Goodreads Giveaway: Vigil – USA only

vigil1Dear USians,

Since Vigil currently has no release date for the US (don’t blame me, we’re waiting for a US publisher to pick up the rights – write to your publisher! Your congressperson! The President!), I’m giving away two copies
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And so there was a launch!

signWe officially launched Vigil on Tuesday 19th July at the  brainsBrisbane Square Library and a great night was
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Jan Goldie: Little Thunder

jan-goldie-mclarens-1aug-2933Jan Goldie writes books and short stories. Her latest creation is a children’s fantasy adventure about a boy called Brave and a girl named True. The book features a magical world, strange creatures and months of travel without
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Beyond the Woods!

In the mail!


The Book Smugglers: Inspirations & Influences for Vigil

blogtourStop 4 on the Vigil blog tour is over at the Book Smugglers’ place, where I drop in, eat all their cupcakes, drink all their coffee, and talk about the inspirations & influences behind Vigil.

Then I leave without helping do
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tagsWell, it’s official now coz I’ve got a name tag.

Am very much looking forward to the Dublin Ghost Story Festival!

Blog Tour!

The most excellent Jo Fletcher Books have arranged a blog tour for me – sometimes I answer questions, sometimes people review Vigil!


Vigil in the Wild

CnNXXbjUMAAvxnb.jpg largeThank you, Nicky Strickland for sending me this. This is the culmination of twelve years of effort. Admittedly, I/Vigil feel like Alex the Lion from Madagascar tying to fit in with the locals on the
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One Life, No Respawns: Tom Dullemond

Tom and Marcus

Tom and Marcus

Tom Dullemond stumbled out of university with a double degree in Medieval/Renaissance studies and Software Engineering. One of these degrees got him a job and he has been writing and working in IT ever
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