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These Foolish & Harmful Delights: Cate Gardner

1. What do new readers need to know about Cate Gardner?

She’s currently wondering why she’s living on a movie set and everyone is running past with toilet paper. Enough of that third person bullshit. I’m loyal, fierce when it comes
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The Heart is Mirror, etc

Lovely to see that my new collection, The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners and Other Stories is getting some good press around the place!

Paula Guran has reviewed it for Locus: “Angela Slatter’s writing is elegant, eloquent, evocative, and exquisitely disturbing”,
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The Invention of Ghosts: Gwendolyn Kiste

1. What do new readers need to know about Gwendolyn Kiste?

I’m a horror author based in Pennsylvania, and I write stories about body horror, female friendships, coming of age, and hauntings, among other creepy themes. I’ve written a
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After Sundown

Delighted to have a story in this! Thanks to Mark Morris and Flame Tree Press. Cover reveal in the fullness of time.

RESEARCH by Tim Lebbon
SWANSKIN by Alison Littlewood
GAVE by Michael Bailey
WHEREVER YOU LOOK by Ramsey Campbell
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Body Shocks

Placeholder art by Kathleen Jennings

Delighted to say that I’ve got a story in Ellen Datlow’s new anthology, Body Shocks, which is out from Tachyon in October 2021 (see, we do have a future).

And this is an excellent ToC
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The Best of Both Worlds: S.P. Miskowski

1. What do new readers need to know about S.P. Miskowski? 

The core of my writing is to ask what it means to be human in an indifferent universe. The horror is essential. The humor is intentional. The darkness is always
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The Wailing Woman: Maria Lewis

What do new readers need to know about Maria Lewis?

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She’ll punch you in the face. 

What inspired The Wailing Woman and how does it fit into your Who’s Afraid universe?

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics maestro, had this saying
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Lisette of the Raven, Ash of the Rook: Suzanne J. Willis

1. What do new readers need to know about Suzanne J. Willis?

I’m a lawyer who works with the dead (in wills and estates), and loves stories that are linguistically rich, a bit dark, and occasionally nasty. My tales are firmly in the
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Alan Baxter: The Roo

So, as part of trying to be kinder to my poor neglected blog I’m re-starting the interview series.

First cab off the rank is the inimitable Alan Baxter, who’s recently released a most excellent horror novella in the tradition of Cujo,
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Chatting with Lian Hearn

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Lian Hearn at Brisbane Square Library. We talked about the writing life, process, and her last two novels, the Children of the Otori series, Orphan Warriors and Sibling Assassins.

And, due
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