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Briar Book – cover quotes

Oh, we’re starting to get some lovely cover quotes in for The Briar Book of the Dead! Huge thanks to Juliet Marillier, Alison Littlewood and Kathleen Jennings for their kind words, and to Titan’s marketing mavens for making these pretty little cards!Read more…

Headless Horseman Halloween Annual 2023

The inaugural Dark Horse Comics Headless Horseman Halloween Annual is creepy closer! Look at those creators!! And Lukas Ketner’s Dark Equestrian! Five terrifying stories in 56 full colour pages …


Angela Slatter, David Dastmalchian
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The Wrong Girl & Others Warnings

For a book that’s not actually out yet, The Wrong Girl & Other Warnings is getting read a lot! Brain Jar Press get their pre-orders out ahead of time – and because they print in-the-country-of-your-ordering, it’s
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In my hot little hands

My Shirley Jackson Award for Best Novella arrived!

What a pretty thing it is – both a functioning sundial and compass.

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