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Sweet! Infinite Adaptations …

Happy-happy-joy-joy! In today’s mail is the latest WQ magazine – the Adaptation issue.

My excitement? Is caused by seeing the article I wrote about the enduring power of fairy tales.

Critic and writer Marina Warner
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And a very Happy Birthday to …

… the lovely Kate Eltham, QWC CEO, talented writer of zombie lit (Z-Lit), ebook crusader, book nerd, tech-geek, and all-round delightful powerhouse.

Happy birthday, Kate!


Farewell Gifts

Belatedly, here are some of my farewell gifts from QWC. Some might say they know me far too well …

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Crime Research

Meg Vann, who is the awesome author of the awesome Sue Hart mystery series, is teaching at QWC again this year. On 26th of Feb, it’s a brand new workshop Research for Crime Fiction.

Guided by the Steel
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Author Platform 2.0

QWC is running an author platform masterclass this Saturday. There are 3 places left. This is not for newbies, but if you’re an author who already has a web presence and wants to get more out of that platform, then head along to this event. The masterclass is taught by Kate Eltham, the woman so smart she’s reputed to have four
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Year of the Novel – Trent Jamieson

El Trento aka The Nicest Man In Spec-Fic (he of Death Most Definite) is teaching a second YoN class at QWC. I’ve been one of his students in the first round and it’s been enormously helpful in getting my “stuff” together and structuring the novel and also for general learning of craft stuff. Highly recommended.

Go here to investigate further. It is
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As Promised

My colleagues are today working in their PJs in the office, raising funds for Lifeline’s Stress Down Day. And eating homemade scones, muffins, cheese platter, Iced Vovos, and Teddy Bear biscuits with pink icing and sprinkles. I, on the other hand, am at home on my weekly writing day, but in the spirit of being supportive, I am in my
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Emily XYZ

I’ve been meaning to re-post this for a while, but my brain has failed me (again).

Awesome blog post from the Arts Queensland poet-in-residence, Emily XYZ:

Finally! the blog: The very hard work of doing (seemingly) nothing


Nothing renders one’s life quite so dull & empty as having to blog about it.
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Donate! Because you know you want to …

… QWC staff will be wearing their PJs to work on Stress Down Day to help raise funds for LifeLine.

Yes, that’s right, PJs.

You know you want to help out … even if it’s $5.00.

Go here to donate. Your karma will thank you.

On the Ancient and Secret Art of Formatting

There is a secret format that will help get you safely through slush piles, enchant your readers and make you the beloved of editors everywhere. It’s called ‘industry standard’ and it’s not hard to do:

Paper: use white A4 paper.

Spacing: double line spacing.

Font: 12 point font in either Courier
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