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The Bitterwood Posts: The Badger Bride


Kathleen’s Badgers

I love badgers – yes, I know all the arguments against them, the great list of their sins – but I love them all the same. I’ve also always loved transformation stories, but they’re generally run along the same lines: one
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Review for The Badger Bride

black staticThanks to Rob Cook for pointing this out to me: a lovely review of “The Badger Bride” (from Strange Tales IV edited by Rosalie Parker of Tartarus Press) by Mr Peter Tennant in the latest Black Static.

Happiness in the mail

1012292_10151925992162304_632005757_nIt’s always a happy day when books arrive at The Bones Remember Everything. It’s an even happier day when the books are from Tartarus Press. But when it’s Tartarus Press books in which I have a story?

Ticker tape parade, snoopy dancing,
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Back on the Mainland!

Just back from 13 days touring around Tasmania with the Tech Support Badger!

“Bluebeard” by Ashley Versekaites

“Bluebeard” by Ashley Versekaites

Much to catch up on – sooooooo much.

But until I manage to get organised, here are links to the delightful Haralambi Markov’s dissection
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Your day, with extra badgers

badgersSome more Bitterwood drawings from Kathleen Jennings – badgers for “The Badger Bride”.

Week 5 as a full-time writer?

I think it must be about week 5, but I’m too lazy to check the calendar. I type this in between preparing dinner for the Significant Other (he will be home soon) and trying to squeeze out a few more
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And so, to procrastination – I mean writing! Yes, writing.

Friday is stretching in front of me and there are a variety of writing tasks to do. And it seems I’m not attracted to any of them. One is a re-write of the Intro to my PhD –
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