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Russell B Farr of Ticonderoga Publications has added a limited edition copy of The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories to the auction for Terri Windling. There were only one hundred of these lovely hard covers printed and
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The Girl with No Hands …

… has been very nicely reviewed by Mario Guslandi over at the SF Site.

 I am quite sure that readers of this superior book will remain spellbound by the sheer beauty of the stories. I highly recommend it, as well as its companion volume, the other collection by Angela Slatter entitled Sourdough and Other Stories recently published by Tartarus Press.

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Going Digital

And so, the experiment begins.

I’m going to be publishing (with the blessing of Tartarus Press) a digital version of Sourdough and Other Stories via Smashwords. I’m the digital guinea pig, which is a lot less creepy than being the canary in a cage beging sent down the mineshaft, but feels equally experimental.

I’m also going to do a digital version of
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And so, post-book launch

So, Kaaron Warren and I had our joint book launch Friday last at WorldCon. It was awesome.

Publisher Russell B.
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Check it out

Russell B Farr looking like a happy publisher with Kaaron’s and my books 🙂 :-).

More stuffly goodness is here.