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It Came From the Deep: Five Quick Questions with Maria Lewis

The Most Excellent Maria Lewis has a surprise YA novel out, It Came From the Deep. I forced her to sit down and tell me about it. You’re welcome.

1. Think quick: tell us about It Came From the Deep
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Back to Fairy Tale Land

Mermaid from one of Kathleen Jennings' calenders

Mermaid from one of Kathleen Jennings’ calenders

Current WiP has been inspired by “The Little Mermaid” – it was one of the fairy tales I discussed at one of Brisbane Festival’s In Conversations a couple of week
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Brisbane Festival Panel: SNOW WHITE & THE LITTLE MERMAID

BFSo tomorrow I’ll be taking part in a Brisbane Festival panel about fairy tale heroines, specifically Snow White and the Little Mermaid.

Suzie Miller (Playwright), Amanda Slack-Smith (Associate Curator, QAGoMA) and I will be chatting with moderator Lindy Hume (OQ) about these old favourites and how they do or don’t fit into modern
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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Alison Littlewood’s The Dog’s Home


Alison Littlewood is the author of the thoroughly unsettling A Cold Season, The Path of Needles, and The Unquiet House – it’s therefore entirely appropriate for her to be in The Spectral Book of Horror Stories! She’s been kind enough to answer
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