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The eMergent Drive-by: Jodi Cleghorn

Jodi Cleghorn won this year’s Kris Hembry Encouragement Award at the Aurealis Awards ceremony in May – yet another sign, if one was needed, that’s she’s becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Australian writing scene. She
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Over here …

… the gorgeous and talented Kaaron Warren talks to the equally gorgeous and talented Margo Lanagan about story sparks, specifically the spark for one of my faves “The Goosle“. This is as creepy a version of
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I can’t get an agent! What do I do?

You’ve got a few choices:

1. Be your own agent. You’ll need to be up on legalese and contract-speak, advances and rights, so think carefully whether you want to spent a lot of your energy on this side of the business.

2. Keep looking for an agent in a Pollyanna’ish attack of optimism. Don’t despair – the right agent may just come
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Nice reviews

Why the couch? I'm just a bit sleepy.

The Entropy Pump (cool name) reviews The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales here.

Jildy Sauce reviews Sourdough and Other Stories here and kindly notices
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Interesing idea from Hugh McGuire: An Open, Webby, Book-Publishing Platform

Over at O’Reilly Radar, Hugh McGuire talks about using WordPress as a book publishing platform.

Over at

Over at Dagan Books, they are telling us about the:

6 Mistakes People Make In Their Cover Letters (FISH anthology edition)

28 Aug

When submitting a story to Dagan Books, authors often make one of several common errors, not in the story itself, but in the accompanying email. While these mistakes rarely mean an immediate rejection, they may affect the final
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The Coffin-maker’s Drive-by: Angela Slatter

Oh, honestly, you know what I look like!

To save me from the ignominy of talking to myself, Stephen Jones kindly asked me questions. Here’s the opening of “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”, which is my A
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Lisa Hannett does a cameo over at Shimmer!

Lisa’s story “Gutted” recently appeared in one of my favourite magazines, the very lovely Shimmer. To go with the story, she wrote a blog post entitled Short Story Collections: Gathering Places for Infinite Worlds.

Imagine yourself at a party.

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The Hall of Lost Footsteps

This is the long-awaited short story collection of the lovely Sara Douglass.

The Hall of Lost Footsteps is available for pre-order from Ticonderoga Publications.

You know you want it.

In the brief period of bliss before …

… I must return to editing the PhD and incorporating feedback, I am taking the opportunity to cram in some reading for pleasure. So I have the last two gorgeous chapbooks from Simon Marshall-Jones’ Spectral Press, Nowhere Hall¬† by Cate Gardner and Abolisher of Roses by Gary Fry. Got part-way through the latter on the bus ride home.

Stand-by for mini-reviews.

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