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The Call to Arms Drive-by: Stephen Jones and A Book of Horrors

Painting by Les Edwards

Stephen Jones = sine qua non for a successful horror anthology. A Book of Horrors collects original horror stories and is brought out under the aegis of the new imprint
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Compulsive Reader …

… has reposted my interview with Paul Kane and Paul’s review of the World Fantasy-nominated Sourdough and Other Stories.


I celebrate with otters!

Because there should be more otters, always

Thanks, LCG!

Jason Nahrung on indie press

The lovely Tehani over at FableCroft has asked a few erudite folk to write about their experiences with indie press – yes, the press that wears dreadlocks.

Or not. Jason Nahrung has renamed it ’boutique press’, which makes it
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A Book of Horrors – in my hot little paws!

Here it is! A Book of Horrors!

My author’s copies.

The hard cover is particularly awesome :mrgreen:.

From Quercus Books new Jo Fletcher imprint!

Being launched this weekend at Brighton.

And yes, I wear cat’s ears now. Cat’s ears are cool.

The Lair of the Evil Drs Brain

So, what is the Lair of the Evil Drs Brain?

Basically it’s Lisa Hannett and I talking to each other and other people about stuff. Writing stuff.

Topics will include:

Phat Phantasy
Where you write and how you
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The Good Science Fiction Drive-by: Gardner Dozois


Do I really need to introduce Gardner Dozois? The Gardner Dozois? Really? The multi Hugo and Nebula winning science fiction editor and author? The frequently partnering Jack Dann in crime of some sort Gardner Dozois?


All I will say is
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Sad News

Aussie writer Sara Douglass lost her battle with cancer and died early this morning.

Sara was a very talented writer, an international best-seller and a great contributor to the world’s book spirit.

She will be missed.

I polished a story for
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Meanwhile, over at Writing Excuses

This is a great noise-pod – one day, Virginia, you too may earn yourself a writing assistant! No, you may not use them to send flowers to your mum or buy tasteless apology scarves for
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Thing of interest

Today’s thing of interest is Gio Clairval’s post over here about participating in the VanderMeer’s latest gigantic project, The Weird.

THE WEIRD: I have participated in one of the largest thematic anthology projects of all
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