Thing of interest

Today’s thing of interest is Gio Clairval’s post over here about participating in the VanderMeer’s latest gigantic project, The Weird.

THE WEIRD: I have participated in one of the largest thematic anthology projects of all time, and I’m still alive!

I translated for this anthology:
  • Julio Cortazar, “Axolotl,” 1956 ( Argentina)
  • Dino Buzzati, “The Colomber,” (Il colombre), 1966 (Italy)
  • Michel Bernanos, “The Other Side of the Mountain,” (La montagne morte de la vie) 1967 (France)
  • Claude Seignolle, “The Ghoulbird,” (Le hupeur) 1967 (France)
  • Georg Heym, “The Dissection,” (Die Dissektion) 1913 (Germany)
How It All Began

The day was Sunday, the month April, the year 2010, and I didn’t know it would be the first day of a several-month-long captivity in the VanderMeers’ Donjons (they have virtual oubliettes in their basement; the Dragon is Jeff himself).  To put together this mammoth anthology, Ann and Jeff themselves lived like recluses.  I suppose they needed a European correspondent to bring a dose of international suffering to the project.
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