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Over at This is Horror: Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Over at This is Horror, my flash fear piece has gone up, complete with awesome illustration by the excellent Nick Gucker. Soooo creepy.

Go here for “Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”.

The story isn’t my
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Tuesday Therapy: Courage

Over at the Hannettorium, the lovely Julie Czernada talks about courageous writing.

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Just in case you were wondering …

As part of the reinvigoration of Booklifenow, Jeremy L. C. Jones asked Lisa Hannett and I about our collaboration process.

So our answer, in the form of a guest post (interpretive dance being impractical), is in two
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Cate Gardner at This is Horror

Awesome Flash Fear by Cate is here.

The car stopped outside the caravan they’d stayed in when Sean went missing. Keith caught his breath and waited for the shake in his muscles to cease. His
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Seahearts Salon in Brisneyland

So, next week the lovely and luminous Margo Lanagan will be headlining at Avid Reader, with a team of appropriate literary handmaidens as the support act.

On Thursday 26 April, from 6-8pm there will be readings by emerging authors,
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Free Sourdough story …

Tartarus are giving away a free Sourdough story, “Dibblespin”.

Go here for a PDF.

Hello, GenreCon!

And so there is this, GenreCon, which is an initiative of the Australian Writer’s Marketplace, and is being shaped and force into submission by Peter M. Ball’s organisational skills. It’s running from 2-4 November this year
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And in Tuesday Therapy …

Foz Meadows talks about What Happens Next.

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Over at 40k …

… I answer some questions for Letizia Sechi about short stories, fairy tales, advice for new writers, and peering into the entrails of ebooks to predict the future.

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In the mail, comes happiness

From last week’s mail, Reggie Oliver’s beautiful Egaeus Press tome, Shadow Plays, and Fablecroft’s gorgeous little To Spin a Darker Stair, with stories by Faith Mudge and Catherynne M. Valente and with, of course, illustrations
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