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Certain Dark Things: Silvia Moreno-Garcia


The fabulous Silvia Moreno-Garcia, editor, author, publisher, all-round multi-talented person, has a new book out: Certain Dark Things.

You need it.

1. First of all, what do new readers need to know about Silvia Moreno-Garcia?

My debut novel, Signal to Noise, about
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Horrorology Interviews: Kim Newman

kim newman

Kim Newman is one of my favourite writers; I do like to think of him as the Dandy Highway Man of Horror. He is, among other things, a superb writer, a perceptive critic, and an inveterate wearer of cravats.

What was the inspiration for your Horrorology tale “Guignol”?

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Movies and Memories



I spent yesterday being unwell and so curled up for some quality time on the couch. I watched three of the Hammer Horror Dracula movies, which seemed appropriate given Christopher Lee’s recent demise, and his place in my
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Vampires: Then and Now

vampireOver at Dark Matter Zine, the delightful Nalini convened a panel a couple of weeks ago to discuss vampires then and now. There was myself, Jason Nahrung, C J Dee, and Liz Manthos all talking and opining and trying to
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Spectral Book of Horrors: Gary McMahon’s Dull Fire

garyThe two main things you need to know about Mr Gary McMahon are that he is disgustingly prolific and disgustingly talented in the creeping-you-out department. Just read The Bones of You, Reaping the Dark, and What They Hear in the Dark and then try sleeping. I dare you.
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Read Horror: The vampire is not himself

On the emasculation of the vampire … an excellent column by Simon Marshall-Jones over at the wonderful Read Horror.

I remember, many, many years ago now (over 35, if you must know), badgering my mother into buying me
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The Undead Drive-by: Robert Hood

Australian author Robert Hood is a legend in zombie, giant monster and general horror circles. Why? Coz he just tells a damned good tale that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and whimper. He has been tutored by Thea Astley at university,
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This week I am still struggling with … (contains spoilers)

… this book, which I really wanted to like.

I really wanted to like it because I have such wonderfully terrifying memories of the first time I read the original Dracula. I remember waking in a cold sweat from a dream
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The Undead Camel Drive-by: Jason Fischer

Jason Fischer is a Writers of the Future winner, author of the imfamous Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh (in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again), the Apocalyptic novella Gravesend (its follow-up is on the way – huzzah!), and
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Friday's Drive-by: Jason Nahrung

Jason Nahrung is the other half of an Aussie spec-fic writing duo – the other half is Kirstyn McDermott. I’d love to say that, as a duo, they dress up at night and fight crime, but
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