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How have I missed this?

I don’t know how I missed this, but consider myself dreadfully remiss. Brain (Lisa L Hannett) did a post on fairy tale girls, which is great. And here in all its clever glory.

A sample:

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And then there was Swancon

Con Report – Part the First

Yes, at last I get around to writing my con report – past experience has shown that I tend to leave this for far too long and then end up writing something along the lines of ‘I went to [insert location here] and stuff happened and much of it was awesome’. This time I will
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To the Swanconatorium!

Luckily I have raised my head from where it’s been buried in my PhD and noticed that next week is Swancon. It’s lucky coz I’m going and am on two panels while I’m there:

Fairytales in Today’s World with
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2010: The Year in Review, or 2011: The Year Ahead

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m sitting on the couch, surveying the remains of yesterday’s shred-fest (I cleaned out the spare room, which used to be my study) and waiting for the coffee to kick in.
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Cover-related Squeeeeeee!

The Scary Kisses anthology has its cover – and it’s gorgeous :-). LL Hannett and I are most pleased 🙂

Table of contents:
The Anstruther Woman, Nicole R. Murphy
Fade Away, Ian Nichols
Bread and Circuses, Felicity Dowker
Black Widow, Shona Husk
The February Dragon,
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Lisa Hannett (my other Brain) and I have sold a story we wrote together post-Clarion South. The February Dragon has been bought by the lovely Liz Grzyb at Ticonderoga Publications for the Scary Kisses anthology.

The anthology will be launched at Swancon 2010 in Perth over Easter (http://2010.swancon.com.au/).


(Image from http://www.dcbhoroscope.com/archives/category/psychic-wizard-images)