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In the mail: Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2013

YB2013Another beautiful volume in the Australian Best Of series from Ticonderoga Publications, edited by Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene. YB2013a

Galleys! Galleys!

So excited! Galleys for Midnight and Moonshine are here and ready for the final read-over.


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Like a duck paddling … all the action is beneath the surface

Yes, this blog’s been quiet.

A little too quiet.

But that’s largely because, after a 5 week trip overseas, I’ve been running around trying to catch up on all the neglected things … one of those being my new collection,
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And in the squeeee that was heard around the world, the lovely Paula Guran at Prime Books has picked up my short story “Sun Falls” (from Ticonderoga Publications’ Dead Red Heart).

Also on the list are Margo Lanagan, Tanith
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Russell B Farr of Ticonderoga Publications has added a limited edition copy of The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories to the auction for Terri Windling. There were only one hundred of these lovely hard covers printed
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In the mail

The lovely limited edition Hall of Lost Footsteps  from Sara Douglass, with intro by Karen Brooks.

Thanks, Russ.



The Bluegrass Symphony has had a bottle of champers broken over it and is officially launched. Lovely intro by Russell B. Farr, truly glorious speech from the delightful Sean Williams, and a wondrous reading by the author herself, Miz Lisa L Hannett (and her awesome red boots). Great night had by all. Included the final pic to show that I
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Shiny, shiny awards suitable for hand to hand combat

Brain (Lisa L Hannett) and I arrived in Sydney on Friday and promptly indulged in our major vice: ordering room service. We talked until late, then woke up to more room service (What??)

Then we went for
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Because the world needs more zombies

Ticonderoga Publications has just announced a new collection: that of the inimitable Jason “Everything can be improved by the addition of a zombie” Fischer! Jason is a Writers of the Future winner, a Clarion South survivor
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Some Goodly News …

… to go with the site redesign (Thank you, Significant Other).

Nice review of Dead Red Heart over at Publishers Weekly, including a shout-out to my Sun Falls. Wooot!

And also good things about the next Scary Kisses
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