Cover.-smjpgFlight is a storybook collaboration between myself and Kathleen Jennings, who has beautifully illustrated this version of a short story I originally wrote for Paula Guran’s Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales anthology.

Flight will be published by PS Publishing in the UK – hopefully in 2021! We have had a very long gestation with this book.


In a kingdom where magic is banned and rules abound, Princess Emer escapes to the forest. When an accursed raven pecks her hand, Emer is transformed and finds herself at the heart of a war between her mother and her aunt. Only the Crown of Feathers can set them all free, and Emer must find it and her true self along the way.

Flight is a miracle of beauty, created by two creative artists at the peak of their powers. Angela Slatter’s enchanting story of a princess who is turned into a raven is perfectly complemented by Kathleen Jennings’s exquisite illustrations. The story has all the timeless appeal of a classic fairy tale, with fresh and surprising twists that make it entirely modern. A must-have addition to any collection of beautiful fairy tales!” Kate Forsyth, author of Bitter Greens, The Wild Girl, and The Beast’s Garden