Book for the Restoration launch!

Okay, we’ll be launching Restoration, the last book in the Verity Fassbinder trilogy!

Kim Wilkins and I will talk, my parents will object to how much we swear, and then everyone will have cupcakes!

We’ll be at the Brisbane Square
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Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2018 ToC

Mermaid from one of Kathleen Jennings’ calendars

I’m delighted to announce that “The Little Mermaid, in Passing” has scored a berth in Paula Guran’s Year’s Best Dark Fantasy  & Horror 2018 from Prime Books!

The ToC is amazing …

“Sunflower Junction,” Simon Avery (Black
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Suspended in Dusk II: Ramsey Campbell

Since today is the official release day of Suspended in Dusk II, how about I let the legendary Ramsey Campbell take over the blog?

1. What was the inspiration for your SiD2 story?

“Above the World” has its roots in an acid trip I
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Suspended in Dusk II: Nerine Dorman

Over at the blog today, Nerine Dorman talks Suspended in Dusk II.

1. What was the inspiration for your SiD2 story, “That Damned Cat”?

I’d been wanting to write horror for a while, but the concept for my
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Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales of Sherlock Holmes

The fabulous Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer has reviewed Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales of Sherlock Holmes, edited by  J.R. Campbell & Charles Prepolec, published by  EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. I’m especially delighted as he says lovely things about my story, “A Matter
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Suspended in Dusk II: Dan Rabarts

Today’s SiDII author is Dan Rabarts, talking about his story “Riptide”.

1. What was the inspiration for your SiD2 story?

Several years ago I was working on story fragments for an anthology called Regeneration, and one of those story threads started with the idea of
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Suspended in Dusk II: Karen Runge

Karen Runge is an author and visual artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her works have appeared in various anthologies and other publications around the world. Her first solo short story collection, ‘Seven Sins’ was published by Concord Free
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Kickstarter: Women Up to No Good

Upper Rubber Boot are kickstarting two awesome anthologies: Broad Knowledge and Sharp & Sugar Tooth!

If you’ve got some spare shekels, throw them this way!

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Thanks, Hannah!

Gorgeous review of The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales by Hannah right here.

Thanks, Erica O. for recommending me!

I love it when people discover books like this; first published in 2011, I love that she’s still getting new readers!

Gaslight Gothic!

I’m so very excited to have a story in this wonderful anthology from EDGE, edited by JR Campbell and Charles Prepolec! Gaslight Gothic has a Kit Caswell (Ripper) story in it, called “A Matter of Light” – and she gets to take
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