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On writing a synopsis

Synopsis (noun) = a summary or outline; a brief general survey (Thank you, Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary).

And so the synopsis makes me cranky. What to leave in? What to leave out? What’s essential? What if you hand it over to the Important Readerish People and you realise you’ve forgotten to include that pivotal scene with the pink elephant?

So, as I try
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The Clarion Post We Had to Have – Part One

(This is long – go get a coffee, maybe a biscuit … off you go, I’ll wait … )

And so, it is now almost two weeks since seventeen Clarion South 2009 alums left our luxurious digs at Kelvin Grove and returned to our everyday lives only to find that we no longer
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Stuff I got in the mail today

It was all good.

Goodness the First: The latest London Review of Books – hard to beat for the essays. Clever, beautifully written, informed. Warning: can cause thinking.

Goodness the Second: Nice letter from Jeff VanderMeer – has squid on his letterhead! Cool. And photos. And stuff! And ‘hello’ from Ann. And a drawing of the 3 VanderMeerCats. Much coolness.

Goodness the Third:
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Something that rocks (or should that be 'which'?)

Announcing SCENTING THE DARK AND OTHER STORIES by Mary Robinette Kowal

We here at SubPress are fans of elegant small collections such as Antiquities by John Crowley or The Devil in the Details by James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers. Our latest offering fits solidly in that mode. Scenting the Dark and Other Stories, the debut hardcover by Campbell Award-winner Mary
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Shimmer Relaunch

Take note! The good ship Shimmer has relaunched. It’s a lovely mag, excellent art, well-chosen stories, always just that little bit different – actually, a lot different and filled with Shimmery goodness. Submit to it. Better yet – subscribe AND submit to it. You’ll be happy you did.


Hello world!

Greetings! This is a work-in-progess, so please be patient :-). More “stuff” will appear in due course.