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The Crimson Road

Last night (well, it was in fact Easter Sunday night/Easter Monday morn) I finally finished writing The Crimson Road, my sort-of-vampire-but-not-precisely-vampire novel set in the Sourdough world.

When I first started, I looked for visual inspiration (once again) from the truly
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All the pretty postcards

The wonderful Kathleen Jennings has been hard at work on some lovely postcards for the launch of The Briar Book of the Dead.

Miren from All the Murmuring Bones.

Asher from The Path of Thorns.

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Australian Shadows Awards

Photo by Cat Sparks

The Australian Shadows Awards for 2022 publications were announced yesterday at Asylumfest 2023 and The Path of Thornswon best novel! Thanks to Cat Sparks and Kirstyn McDermott for letting me know.

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The secret is out: Celsius 232

I’m so very delighted to announce that I’ll be a guest at Celsius 232 next year in Avilés, Spain!

Can’t wait for my first trip ever to Spain and to discuss books with readers!

Miss Lulu

I’m reposting this here as I know not everyone’s across all the social media forms, but I also know a lot of folk have followed the adventures of the house doggoes. And I’m writing this now
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Pre-order The Wrong Girl & Other Warnings!

Cover reveal!

Pre-order links!

Ze words from Brain Jar Press about The Wrong Girl & Other Warnings:

We are SO excited to share the news that preorders on Angela Slatter’s THE WRONG GIRL & OTHER WARNINGS are now open.
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The Book of Witches – pre-order

The Book of Witches, edited by the redoubtable Jonathan Strahan, is available for pre-order. The book is out on 1 August 2023 and contains many strange and wondrous stories, including one of mine,of which I’m particularly
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New collection from Brain Jar Press

From Brain Jar Press:

It’s a pretty open secret that we’re gearing up to release a new Angela Slatter collection later this year. There’s news about that coming soon, but if you’re looking for some Angela Slatter
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Free Book

Ghosts, brides, and vengeance! Angela Slatter’s ‘No Good Deed’ is FREE on all platforms, which means you can pick up it up for the low price of ZERO DOLLARS! If you’ve already read this one, perhaps consider spreading the word
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2022 The Year in Review

Well, that was a year. Year Three of the Plague? Who counts anymore? What even is time?

At any rate, there were good friends and family around, and there were publications – even though as I contemplated making this post, it
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