The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales

The latest (last?) installment in the Sourdough/Bitterwood mosaic collections, The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales, has gone to the lovely folk at Tartarus Press. The beautiful artwork is by Kathleen Jennings, and Helen Marshall has penned the introduction.

This one is distinct from the little limited edition project we did with Fablecroft for Conflux in 2017 (which can no longer be had for either love or money). It does contain the Tallow-Wife novella, but also a bunch of other tales that lead us to the end of Cordelia Parsifal’s quest (and a few other long-running characters from the series besides).


“The Promise of Saints”

“The Tallow-Wife”

“What Shines Brightest Burns Most Fiercely”

“Embers and Ash”


“The Nightingale and the Rose”

“Of Ghosts and Glory”

“A Stitch in Time”

“Sleeping Like Snow”


“And A Young Husband to Bury Me”

“By Such Paths”

Hoping to have this ready for pre-order very soon, and out in February of 2021. Stay tuned!