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Writing Restoration – when the story bites back

Where did this come from? I don’t know! All manner of consequences are biting V in the backside in this
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Midnight and Moonshine

You know, five years ago (or almost) Lisa L. Hannett and I released our Norse-inflected, fairytale-y, myth-saturated, damned sexy mosaic collection, Midnight and Moonshine.

The cover art is by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings, and the Introduction by the equally wonderful Dr Kim Wilkins.

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Corpselight: for real copies!

These just arrived! Happy dance.

Also important was the arrival of the coffee.

Secret Project, Ssssssshhhh

You won’t tell anyone will you?

I’m just going over the artwork for a secret project with Kathleen Jennings, just a tiny one. Details to come …

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I’m Not Crying, YOU’RE Crying!

I just opened my birthday present from my Best Brain, Sister-Brain, Frequent Collaborator and Conspirator, Lisa L. Hannett.

Sure, it’s a month late, but Best Brains care not for such trivialities of time and space, for we are Immortal (or have detailed plans
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Good Places

I’m mid-novel at the moment and that means my room (and large chunks of the house) are strewn with cairns of what might be mistaken for rubble, but are in fact the trail of things I’ve been considering one minute, taking in,
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Shadows & Tall Trees #7: Robert Levy

Robert Levy is an author of stories, screenplays and plays whose work has been seen Off-Broadway. A Harvard graduate subsequently trained as a forensic psychologist, his first novel The Glittering World was a finalist for both the Lambda Literary Award and
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Hypothermia, Healing and Hallucinatory Polar Bears

As it is today, overcast and cold.

Those of you who know me well will be very aware that I hate exercise – possibly because I have on more than one occasion screamed “I hate exercise!” I’m subtle like that. In
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A year ago these lovely things arrived on my doorstep, the culmination of five years working on Vigil, and thirteen years on the craft of writing.

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Solace & Grief: Foz Meadows

Foz Meadows is an Australian fantasy author, reviewer, poet and blogger. She has most recently published An Accident of Stars, an epic portal fantasy from Angry Robot, and Coral Bones, a Shakespearean novella; she has
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