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A Re-post – The Writing Life: A Really Big Echo Chamber

This is a post from a few years back, but the advice is still good and it seems like an appropriate time to re-post it given a few discussions I’ve had recently. So, read, enjoy, take note.

Here’s the thing about being a writer: we’re all terribly insecure to one degree or another. Although we’ve chosen a solitary profession, preferring largely
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Get Your Fight Scenes Here: Top Five Tips for Tip Top Fights

alan-by-nicole-thumb-cropOne of the things I find most challenging in writing is fight scenes – not a huge number occur in my work, but just enough to cause me annoyance and frustration. Lucky for me I’ve got Alan Baxter, International Master of Kung Fu and, coincidentally,
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Over at the Place of Mark Barnes: On the Importance of Being Edited (and Editing)

Author's own mess.

Author’s own mess.

The lovely Mr Mark Barnes asked if I’d write a short blog post for him about how important editing is to your work at every stage. I wrote a lot. May contain ranting, but there is also lots of useful stuff there too.

There’s a particular kind of arrogance
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Over at The Writing Platform …

thewritingplatform-logo-250x250… I talk about online presence for writers in Online Presence: Pros, Perils and Possibilities. Thanks to Dr Donna Hancox for the opportunity to opine!

I often hear newer writers (of varying ages) say they want their writing to speak for itself. They’re filled with disdain for publishers who look for an online
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New Work: Corpselight



We, now that the final tweaks are on Vigil and it’s off on its journey, there’s no reason not to start writing the sequel. Corpselight is the second of the Verity Fassbinder books. The first draft of the opening is below.

by Angela Slatter

She took a longish time getting
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The Female Factory: Vox

FemaleFactory-coverWhen Alisa approached us about doing one of the Twelve Planets, we readily agreed. Then, having sprung her trap, she added “But make it more science fictiony.”

Cue Mo Szyslak from The Simpsons … “Whaaaaaa?”

Undeterred, and a little heavy of heart, we two dark fantasy and horror girls trundled away dragging our feet.
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Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women

I’m very happy to say that I’ve got a story in this fabulous reprint anthology edited by Paula Guran. Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women can be pre-ordered here.

The table of contents is a thing to behold:

• Kelley Armstrong,
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Interview: The Pretty Little Dead Girls of Mercedes Murdock Yardley

MMYThe wonderful Mercedes Murdock Yardley talks about her new, beautiful, mournful, whimsical work, Pretty Little Dead Girls (which T O Munro reviews here.)

1. So, what do new readers need to know about Mercedes Murdock Yardley?

I’m the girl
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The Writing Life: full-time or part-time?

beersSo, a some weeks ago I sat in the audience at a writing salon (i.e. a few writers who’d already been to the pub beforehand then staggered to a bookstore and talked about writing) and listened to a discussion of how people work.

More specifically, how writers divide their time between the writing
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Bad Women: Flip

Connie Willis_1996_BellwetherThis week Kathleen Jennings nominates her favourite “bad” woman:

My favourite “bad” character is Flip, a sullen, difficult, way fashion-forward… assistant seems the wrong word for her. She appears very early in Connie Willis’ charming novel of chaos theory and fads, Bellwether. I have never
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