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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Nicholas Royle’s This Video Does Not Exist


The multi-talented Mr Nicholas Royle is not only a writer, but also a senior lecturer in creative writing at the Manchester Writing School, and runs the acclaimed Nightjar Press. He’s edited sixteen anthologies and is the author of seven novels, two novellas, and one collection. He
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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Helen Marshall’s Funeral Rites

Helen Marshall Author Photo

Helen Marshall is the author of the British Fantasy award-winning Hair Side, Flesh Side (which is indeed brilliant), Gifts for the One Who Comes After and The Sex Lives of Monsters, as well as many short stories scattered lovingly across the planet (possibly the Universe, who knows?).
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New work: The October Widow

Edwin Austin Abbey's "Young Woman in the Woods"

Edwin Austin Abbey’s “Young Woman in the Woods”

So, my first new words after the break are on a short horror story called “The October Widow”.

The October Widow knew herself hunted, though she’d caught no trace of whoever pursued her.

She was careful when she
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And so, WFC

IMG_1774I figure I’d better write this now while I still have some memory of the events of the trip! First and foremost, I was a plague rat for most of my time in the UK, and the consensus from friends is that I was probably sicker than I thought I
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The Tallow-Wife: A new tale

Thanks, Degas

Thanks, Degas

I’m working on a new Tallow-Wife story, this one is called “The Nightingale and the Rose: A Call and Response“.

The girl’s voice is divine; it rises higher and higher as if trying to reach the heavens, which might have been appropriate in a less profane setting. One by
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Black-Winged Angels

BWA-ARC-coverI’m so pleased to announce that Black-Winged Angels will be released as a limited hard cover edition by Ticonderoga Publications in August this year!

This was the collection I wrote for my MA, and it’s only ever been available as an ebook until now. With an Introduction by Juliet Marillier and
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Area X Marks the Spot: Welcome to the Southern Reach

annihilationoneAnnihilation, the first book of the Southern Reach trilogy and Jeff VanderMeer’s first novel in four years, is in barnstorming mode to say the least. You can purchase it here (you know you want to).

The story so far:

Annihilation is set in a remote coastal place called
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New words for the Tallow-Wife collection

Rossetti's Jane Morris looks about right

Rossetti’s Jane Morris looks about right

Now that I’ve sent the last story for our collection back to Lisa, I can return to The Tallow-Wife stories.

I have one scene left to write for “What Shines Brightest Burns Most Fiercely”. Here are some new words for it:

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Editing, editing, editing


Exhibit A

I’m editing Vigil, I’m in the homestretch (well, in as much as any novel has a homestretch – when I finish with it it goes to my Alpha Reader, Lisa, then comes back to me to fix). On Wednesday, I started in an organised, dignified fashion (see Exhibit A)
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Happiness in the mail

1012292_10151925992162304_632005757_nIt’s always a happy day when books arrive at The Bones Remember Everything. It’s an even happier day when the books are from Tartarus Press. But when it’s Tartarus Press books in which I have a story?

Ticker tape parade, snoopy dancing, balloons, party pop and fairy bread.

So in between marking
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