All the Murmuring Bones: Reviewers!

Hi, All.

All the Murmuring Bones, my first novel for Titan Books, will be out on or about 9 March 2021 (in Aus, the UK and the US). It’s a gothic fantasy set in the world of the Sourdough and Bitterwood mosaic collections (from Tartarus Press).

Titan will have the novel up at NetGalley in the new year, so if you’re a genuine reviewer, please go here and register. The Titan team (as opposed to me)  will take care of your requests.

If we’ve already spoken about this, fear not, your request is in train but I’m trying to cut down on the number of things I need to juggle at the moment – and Titan has a gloriously magnificent publicity department designed to manage all of this stuff seamlessly. As opposed to me, who will manage it rather like a bear riding a bicycle that’s on fire on a tightrope over a ravine, whilst juggling knives.

If you want to do interviews, then please contact me on

And here is the wraparound cover in all its glory!

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