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A Rose by Any Other Name …

I was thinking the other daythat it pays to give a work-in-progress a name.

Even if it’s a working title, unlikely to remain, just give it a name.

It’s like having a kid – you kind of need to have something to call it. “Hey, you”, “WiP” or “That thing that’s tormenting
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Drive-by: Kathleen Jennings

Kathleen Jennings won the inaugural Kris Hemsbury Encouragement Award at this year’s Aurealis Awards. She writes, she illustrates, and she bakes – all these things she does superbly. And she is Queen of the Pikelets. She did beautiful illustrations for my Worlds Next Door story (FableCroft Press) and the below will give you some idea of her talent:

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The Bluegrass Symphony Drive-by: L L Hannett

Lisa Hannett survived Clarion South in 2009 (inspite of my cooking), and in the eighteen months or so since she’s published stories in (but not restricted to) Clarkesworld, Fantasy Magazine, Chizine, Weird Tales, ONSPEC, Midnight Echo, Scary Kisses, and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s Steampunk Compendium. She is also
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James Hopkins is a Genius

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The Fluffy Unicorns Drive-by: Peter M. Ball

Peter M. Ball is a Clarion South survivor (i.e. member of the Borg Collective) from 2007. He is the writer responsible for Horn, the novella that ruined fluffy white unicorns for everybody (thankfully!). Its follow-up, Bleed, follows the further misadventures of Miriam Aster as she tries, generally very unsuccessfully,
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Meanwhile, over at Ecstatic Days

Drive-by: Robert Shearman, father of the intergalactic dustbin

Robert Shearman is a nice man. He’s also an amazing writer – allow me to quote from a review of his first
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Drive-by Festival

Errrrrrr, I never expected so many people to be so nice and say ‘Yes’ when I asked them to answer random questions.

But they were and they did and they have.

So, as a result: in the lead-up to WorldCon in September, I will now be presenting the Festival of
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Mmmmmmmm, Evil?

Was wandering to work this morning and looked up to see an advert for the new Go Between Bridge – yes, that’s how we roll in Brisneyland, we name bridges after bands, but seriously, why not the Powderfinger Bridge?? But I digress … at the bottom of the poster were these words, writ large: All part of Council’s plan.

And I
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