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Bitterwood: The Bag

Bag1So, I’ll do a giveaway of Bitterwood soon, but first Kathleen has been designing some tote bags for the competition as well. Now that I’ve seen the designs, I want ALL OF THE BAGS FOR MYSELF.

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Random Alex on Bitterwood

Photo by Tartarus Press

Photo by Tartarus Pressm Alex

Alex says some lovely things about Bitterwood.

Sourdough and Other Stories by Angela Slatter has been on my radar for ages, but somehow I’ve just never got around to reading it. For a
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Sourdough in Graphic Novel Form

cid_134Kathleen and I are now working on this project (in between other projects), a graphic novel version of Sourdough and Other Stories. This means she’s started sending me test art by text message again, which makes me very happy.

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First Review: The Bitterwood Bible

bitterwood-bible-cover-200x300Sean Wright has kindly reviewed The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings over at Goodreads.

The Bitterwood Bible is a neat package that has allowed Slatter to explore, examine and re-imagine the fairy/folktale milieu. There’s a balance achieved here too; I never felt that
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BWA1And in today’s mail are my beautiful author copies of Black-Winged Angels from Ticonderoga Publications. Huzzah!


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Black-Winged Angels in the wild!

bwaitwThe first sighting of my limited edition reprint collection, Black-Winged Angels, from Ticonderoga Publications has been made! Art by Kathleen Jennings and Introduction by Juliet Marillier. The wording bits by me.

My friend Nicky is imbibing stories with her morning coffee.
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Gifts for the One Who Comes After


One of my favourite people – who also happens to be one of my favourite authors – is Helen Marshall … and lo! She has a new collection out, which is always cause for rejoicing and opening bottles of bubbly
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The Female Factory

femalefactoryThis is what I spent the best part of yesterday doing: reading over the galley for The Female Factory.

It’s typeset, the cover is under construction, and we’re starting to seek out reviewers.

It’s almost a real thing!

Dreams in the mail

dreamsThese beautiful things arrived today from Swan River Press.

Dreams of Shadow and Smoke is a tribute anthology for J. S. Le Fanu, he of Carmilla and Uncle Silas fame (among many, many others).

And it contains my story “Let
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Suspended in Dusk is out!

suspended-in-duskSuspended in Dusk has been released into the wild with a brand new cover. It’s available from here and here. Simon Dewar and Books of the Dead have done a very nice job indeed.

“Disquieting and at times terrifying,
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