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Moving House


I’m moving house and if I never see another box of stuff or ancient dust bunny under recently moved furniture I will be a happy writer.

I’ve been in a three bedroom house for almost 8 years and it’s amazing how much crap-collecting this encourages. Previously, I’ve moved
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The Shallows Drive-by: Favel Parrett

Favel Parrett, quite apart from possessing an awesome writerly name, is also an awesome writer. And a lovely person. Favel was a participant in one of the first QWC-Hachette Manuscript Development Programs in 2008 and the very
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Thanks, Rick Kleffel

Wow, Mr K’s Agony Column has a lovely, lovely review of Sourdough and Other Stories.

Our world is wrought not from atoms and molecules, but emotion and vision. Colors are not the result of wavelengths and photons, but feelings and intuitions. The soil we walk upon is not dirt; it is our memories, layered with love
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Best Font Ever

I don’t know from whence it came originally, but I stole it from Dr Tansy and she got it from Dr Helen Merrick – it comes from Doctors, it must be legit! 😀

Sound Advice from Bothersome Words

On how hiring an editor is just like hiring any tradesperson

There are many ways to go about hiring a freelance editor to help you with your fledgling manuscript or document. You can trawl through the Yellow Pages, check Google, contact your local Writers’ Centres or dip into the directories of numerous Societies of Editors.

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Tee hee

Courtesy of Charles Tan:

Brain and I had a conversation about this very matter the other week. I have not read the Game of Thrones series – this is not a reason to burn me at the
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Nebula Awards 2010 Interview: Christopher Kastensmidt by Marshall Payne

The perspicacious Mr Marshall Payne conducts one of his Nebula Award interviews, this time with Christopher Kastensmidt. It is here, over at the SFWA site.

Review of A Book of Endings

My review of Deborah Biancotti’s wonderful A Book of Endings is up over at ASif.

Deborah Biancotti’s first collection of short stories is jaw-droppingly good. Dammit.

These twenty-one stories, some reprints, some shiny and new, spanning the
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The Secret is out at last and I can stop being mysterious

At last! I can talk about this!!

Legendary editor Stephen Jones has announced his new project, an anthology of original, commissioned horror stories. A Book of Horrors has the cover below (quiver), and my story ‘The Coffin-maker’s Daughter’ in it!

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The Pinstripe Drive-by: Cate Gardner

Cate Gardner, she of the clever and creepy Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits*, is the third cab off the chapbook rank at Spectral Press. Following true to form for this lovely independent press, her contribution Nowhere Hall,
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