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This is my every day

Via Mary Robinette Kowal, this is pretty much my every single day:

Sourdough and Other Stories goes digital

Sourdough and Other Stories can now be purchased for reading on Kindles, Kobos, etc, from Smashwords. Go here. And of course, the collector’s edition hard copy can still be purchased from the lovely Tartarus Press here.

This cover was done by the lovely LL Hannett.

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Okay, so my first experiment in digital publishing is up at Smashwords.

T’is Black-Winged Angels, the short story collection of reloaded fairytales I wrote for my MA. We’ll see how this goes – i.e. how well I’ve managed to follow the technical’ish requirements (thanks to Alan Baxter for tips!) – and then Sourdough & Other Stories will be next.

My Significant Other did the
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And in the mail this morning …

… it was worth the indignity of answering the door in my PJs, because the below was the result – All Hail, Steampunk II!!

Questions, answered.

Mr DeNardo over at SF Signal is asking questions again. This time it’s about what to give the geek/nerd in your life for Christmas/insert holiday of choice here. People answering include, but are not restricted to, Mike Resnick, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Martha Wells, Jeff VanderMeer and moi.

Go here for geeky giftly goodness.

For the record: I still want an otter.

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The Piratical Drive-by: Dirk Flinthart

Writer, raconteur, martial arts practitioner, cook extraordinaire, editor, librettist and frequent notorious teller of porkies, Dirk Flinthart (not his real name) is responsible for tomes such as Brotherly Love and Angel Rising. He has ably edited the Canterbury 2100 anthology and ASIM. His antics may or may
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Jeff VanderMeer on Cooking Chicken Dinners and Knowing Your Limits

Via Bibliophile Stalker (again, thank you, Charles!) this from Jeff VanderMeer, which makes some great points about not wearing out your creativity.

Sometimes we forget to breathe when it comes to our creativity. By which I mean we are so busy creating and interacting with the world that we forget to pause, to be silent, to be alone. The imagination, the
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Spurred on by Aliette de Bodard’s counting – which is a good thing to do, to remind yourself what you’ve actually achieved in a year – I did some counting of my own for 2010:

2 x short story collections

5 x short stories in anthologies (2 of them with L L Hannett)

I’m okay with that.

Going Digital

And so, the experiment begins.

I’m going to be publishing (with the blessing of Tartarus Press) a digital version of Sourdough and Other Stories via Smashwords. I’m the digital guinea pig, which is a lot less creepy than being the canary in a cage beging sent down the mineshaft, but feels equally experimental.

I’m also going to do a digital version of
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Hello, Nicola Morgan

I’ve only just found Nicola Morgan through the graces of the Bibliophile Stalker, and already I heart her sensible advice.

Agent Pitching Etiquette contains such gems as: “be sensitive to the glazing over of the eyes of an agent”, “we also need to display good behaviour and common sense”, and “it will gain you nothing if you bore the pants off
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