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I Hate Birds and Light! Or Why The Hell Am I Awake??


4 freaking a freaking m.

Normally, I like the fact that my house is light … but at 4am, when the birds begin to twitter happily (oh what I wouldn’t give for a Whomping Willow), after I’ve had a late night of required reading of the repetitive, childish dross that is Max Frei (there, I said it – how many fracking
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A blog about blogging

I’ve written about blogging as a tool of author promotion before over here  (in a grumpy manner). I’ve spoken about writing first, promoting later – i.e. write your book first, then start with the self-promotion.  Today I feel a little more temperate. Or I did before I started writing … then I started to think about all the
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Trent Jamieson cracks me up. Not only is he an awesome writer of note, he also has made this.

He also has a hat with a green band, a Book Corner and a new book, Managing Death.

Bluegrass Symphony

And here it is, a cover that could only be improved by the addition of an otter.

Lisa L Hannett’s Bluegrass Symphony – please note, in the words of Russ the Publisher, no cattle were hurt in the production of this collection.

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TPP-related Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

TPP has announced the first of the new 2011 special series:

Twelve Planets

12 collections, 12 authors, 12 months

Twelfth Planet Press announces the first collection in the Twelve Planets series to be released in January, 2011.

by Sue Isle

In a future world of extreme climate change, Western Australia’s capital city, Perth, has been abandoned. Most of the state’s citizens were evacuated
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I have seen the cover of LL Hannett’s Bluegrass Symphony from Ticonderoga Press and it is truly squeeeee-worthy.

I have finally seen the start of Peter M Ball’s work-in-progress Black Candy and I predict a Tiptree.

I read Tansy Rayner Roberts’s Siren Beat  from Twelfth Planet Press and am very excited about the forthcoming Nancy Napoleon novel.

I wrote another 3000 words on the
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On the weirdness of dreams

Ever had one of those dreams that takes you over and is so convincing that when you wake up you are absolutely sure that it happened? On most occasions, if I’ve dreamt that I’ve had fight with someone I will wake up with a full blown grump at that person. I will, of course, have to give myself a good
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Author Platform 2.0

QWC is running an author platform masterclass this Saturday. There are 3 places left. This is not for newbies, but if you’re an author who already has a web presence and wants to get more out of that platform, then head along to this event. The masterclass is taught by Kate Eltham, the woman so smart she’s reputed to have four
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The Boneshaker Drive-by: Cherie M. Priest

Steampunk! Zombies! Alternative civil war history! Southern Gothic via the graces of Eden Moore! Cherie M. Priest has nine novels under her belt, with five more on the way. Why? Because she’s another over-achiever, like so many of
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There is an auction happening, with stuff that is cool

SpecFaction NSW Inc, the group that took over running the Aurealis Awards from the awesome Fantastic Qld, is running an auction on eBay. The media release is below:

Signed Speculative Fiction on Sale!
Some of the biggest names in Australian speculative fiction have cleared out their cupboards and the contents are being sold on Ebay! 

Where else can you buy an original print from
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