The Boneshaker Drive-by: Cherie M. Priest

Steampunk! Zombies! Alternative civil war history! Southern Gothic via the graces of Eden Moore! Cherie M. Priest has nine novels under her belt, with five more on the way. Why? Because she’s another over-achiever, like so many of the writers who’ve appeared in the drive-by series. She took time out to answer some randoms; please note, this did not interfere with her production schedule! Do not hate The Bones Remember Everything for this! (For other things, sure.) She is also an associate editor with the glorious-book-producing Subterranean Press. Tor has the good sense to be her main publisher, and Subterranean have done some of her beautiful collectable editions.

1.      If I wasn’t a writer I would be …
… working with animals, or so I’d like to think.

2.       The sentence I most regret writing is …
“Sure, I can make both of those deadlines, don’t worry.”

3.      A story can always be improved by the addition/deletion of …
… add ghosts; delete excessively complicated side points.

4.      I know my research phase has become my procrastination phase when …
… when I realize that my browser history is nothing but Wikipedia.

5.      Donuts (or doughnuts) or danishes?
Donuts! Boston Cream from Krispy Kreme. I’d walk a thousand miles for a fresh dozen.

She doth blog here.

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