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Book! In form of cupcake!

Oh, this makes me soooo happy! From my friends, Kelly and Birgitta’s kitchen: a cupcake with a mini The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales cover on top!

My heart is sad only coz I did
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Out in the wild …

… Midnight and Moonshine as being taken on holiday by talented illustrator Rob O’Connor.

And is that a Kahlua sitting beside it, getting fresh?

In other news, Significant Other and I are just back from 4 days at Springbrook. We stayed at
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Merry whatever

Hope you’ve all had a pleasant holiday period of the denomination or non-denomination of your choice. We had a lovely 24hrs bouncing between our families and eating far too much in both locations – we are like the
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And over here …

… I chat to my friend and fellow writer, Azra Alagic (auttor of Not Like My Mother) about writing, changing career directions, and collaborations without tears.

Today I chat with award winning speculative fiction writer Angela Slatter who has recently launched her new book, a joint production
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The Belated Otherworld Launch Post

And lo, we did trek to Adelaide, City of Frog Cakes and Haighs Chocolates, and lo, we did launch a book there.

Yes, Midnight and Moonshine had a bottle of champers cracked over it in Adelaide as
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A Killer Among Demons

Squeee! This is the cover for the new Dark Prints Press anthology, A Killer Among Demons.

My story “Cuckoo” is in this one, and there’s also work by the likes of Alan Baxter and Stephen M. Irwin
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Night Land

And this is the cover for The Night Land issue which will contain a translation of “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”.

Yes, I know …

… I owe you a post about the Adelaide launch.

I’ll get to it.

Just writing against a deadline.

As soon as I finish “White Bride, Black Bride, Raven-girl, Hare”, I will supply said post.

Hello, Adelaide

Greetings, City of Frogcakes.

Tonight we commit the Otherworld launch of Midnight and Moonshine at the SA Writers Centre.


When You’re Glued to the Screen

Over at Walkley Magazine, Darren Baguley writes about managing the time-suck that is the Internet. He asked me (among others) some questions – I fear the point of my life is to be an example to others of ‘what can go wrong’.

Journalists are a curious lot, but is all that net surfing changing our brains? Darren Baguley looks at internet
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