The Belated Otherworld Launch Post

And lo, we did trek to Adelaide, City of Frog Cakes and Haighs Chocolates, and lo, we did launch a book there.

Yes, Midnight and Moonshine had a bottle of champers cracked over it in Adelaide as well as Brisbane and we can declare it well and truly out in the world.

My David and Lisa’s Chad were there to be supportive partners, photographers, acquirers of cake-cutting knives, recorders of readings, etcetera. Russ and Liz of Ticonderoga were there to sell books and talk ad infinitum about indie publishing (not to be confused with self-publishing), and be supportive publishers. And the Dynamic Duo of the Darkness, Duchess Kirstyn McDermott and Lord Jason of Nahrung were there (having driven from Melbourne – greater love hath no writerly friend) to give the official launch speeches, which were delightful, kind, heartfelt, scary, clever and, of course, had a pun in the tail. Not unlike K & J themselves. There was also the ‘outing’ of the third author, LisAngela (or AngeLisa), as drawn by Kirstyn.

Lovely to see new and old faces joining us in the sweatbox that is the SA Writers Centre Atrium – seriously, funding bodies of SA, you can’t spare a couple of grand for an air conditioning unit so people at launches don’t expire of heat exhaustion??? At least get a Big Fricking Fan. By the end of the eve I was apologising to people at the singing table for sweating on their lovely new books. Lisa and I have made an executive decision to launch our books somewhere cooler – Iceland.

Thanks, Anna Solding for the photo

This launch, we had cake – yes, an awesome cakely cake with the glorious M&M cover art by Kathleen Jennings printed on the top in edible ink. Thank you to Michel’s Bakery in the Rundle Mall (and thank you to my sister Michelle, who knew that Michel’s did awesome cakely cakes like this). And I vow that any other book I launch anywhere will be accompanied by cake and not 42 dried-up slices of ciabatta.

And the trip to Adelaide was made extra special by our activities the next night: Doctors Lisa and Chad’s Engagement Party of Excellence at the wondrous Victorian-themed Apothecary. An excellent eve all-round.

David and I at the Apothecary


Drs Lisa and Chad at the Apothecary


Lord Jason of Nahrung at the Apothecary


The Dynamic Duo of Darkness with LisAngela

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