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This is what 20,000 words look like when piled up.

That is all.

Now, on to the next 20k.

Midnight and Moonshine continues

This was how I spent my morning last Saturday, with the lovely
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It’s that kind of day

Egaeus Press, Book the Second

Oh my, the next release from Egaeus Press is a doozy. The follow-up to Reggie Oliver’s  gorgeous Shadow Plays is Stephen J. Clark’s In Delirium’s Circle.

To which I say “Huzzah!” and “Squee!” Stephen did the
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Shipping soon …

… this book!

Go here to order.

Talkfest at The Writer and the Critic

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Over at Cosmos …

… I have a chat with the delightful Caitlin Bishop about writing, the environment and my story “I Love You Like Water” (originally published in the Twelfth Planet Press 2012 anthology).

T’is here.

Mmmm, why yes, my novel does ressemble a dog’s breakfast

So, this is what writing a novel looks like at my place at least.

Whiteboard with insane reminders about structure and what belongs where, periodic flashes of “OMG!”, and basic first principles to (hopefully) keep me on
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Three Card Stud … or something

… I don’t even know what that means.

But anyway! It’s an introduction to Ticonderoga’s limited time only, three book deal to promote the release of Midnight and Moonshine.

A big shout-out …

… to Logan North Library and their celebration of Science Fiction & Fantasy month.

They’ve turned their elevator into a Tardis, the entrance into a Stargate, build a fairy tree and grotto, have a HUGE display of mint-in-box action
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